Over the Counter Foot Treatments

  • By Judith Sullivan
  • 29 Mar, 2017
05 Dec, 2015

Do They Actually Work?

You may have been searching for a specific product or have simply noticed the variety of foot treatments available to buy over the counter in order to counteract common ailments at home.

After taking note of the sheer variety, you may have found yourself wondering whether these products are actually likely to work, as well as which product would be the most appropriate for your needs and help alleviate your problem(s).

Anti-fungal Creams

Anti-fungal creams are readily available in several forms without a prescription and are most widely used to treat conditions such as Athlete’s Foot – a fungal infection that affects the feet and toes. The creams are usually successful in relieving symptoms when the user correctly follows the manufacturer’s directions. However, they may not serve as a full cure for severe cases.

Wart and Verrucae Treatments

Warts and verrucae will usually go away on their own as they are fought off by the body’s immune system. However, stubborn cases may require a little extra help. Typical brands contain salicylic acid, which helps to remove the infected skin tissue from the area, eliminating the virus in the process.

Combining this with the body’s natural resistance to verrucae, removing them is usually a relatively simple process, but a visit to the podiatrist might be necessary for stubborn, persistent ones.

Corn Plasters, Cushions and Pads

Plasters, cushions or pads aimed at relieving the symptoms of corns contain salicylic acid; however, these will not remove the corns on their own.

Successful treatment of corns usually involves a visit to a healthcare professional to remove the excess keratin build up, resulting in less pressure on the area.

Insoles and Orthotics

Insoles aim to provide relief from aches and pain in the feet. If you are often standing for long periods, insoles can help to improve support and reduce associated discomfort.

Lotions and Balms

While they may not be intended for a specific condition, using foot lotions and balms on a regular basis can significantly reduce dry, cracked skin, which in turn will reduce painful flaking as well as lowering your risk of developing infections. Betafeet Podiatry recommends urea-based creams as these are better absorbed into the skin.

In minor cases, many ailments of the feet can be dealt with through the use of over the counter products. However, if you’re finding them to be ineffective, it may be best to visit a podiatrist in order to have your condition properly evaluated.

After doing so, your podiatrist will be able to recommend the most suitable method of treatment. If you have concerns about your feet, don’t hesitate to contact Betafeet Podiatry today.

By Judith Sullivan 12 Jun, 2017
By Reggie Simpson
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