Four DIY Treatments

  • By Judith Sullivan
  • 31 Mar, 2017
12 Jan, 2016

Don't suffer this winter!

You’ll find that during the winter, your feet need a little more care to look and feel their best. Taking a little time out to relax and pamper them at home will help to keep them in tip-top shape without a pricey visit to a spa or salon. Here are four easy, affordable methods of treating your feet that you can enjoy all winter long – and throughout the year too!

Peppermint Foot Scrub

A good foot scrub can help fight off the dry patches that are prone to occurring during the winter months. But why not keep things simple and make your own?

Simply whisk together some granulated sugar, natural oil (such as coconut, olive or almond) and baking soda for a scrub that’s effective yet easy to make. Add some peppermint extract or oil for a great scent to keep your feet smelling fresh.

Soothing Salve

A homemade salve can help to reduce discomfort caused by cracked heels and skin. A simple recipe for salve can be made from beeswax, coconut or olive oil and an essential oil of your choice for a pleasantly scented solution that’ll soothe damaged areas. Simply melt the ingredients together and pour the mixture into a jar or tin to cool.

Relaxing Foot Soak

After a long day, it can feel incredible to soak your feet in warm water, especially if the solution has soothing properties too. Fill a large bowl with water and add sea salt, Epsom salt, baking soda and a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a stress relieving combination that’ll soothe your feet, whilst the Epsom salts help to detox your feet by removing toxins!

Deodorising Mist

After keeping your feet warm and dry in thick socks and winter boots, you may find your feet need a little refreshment once you take them off. A deodorising mist will help relax your feet as well as freshening them up. Mix eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils with water in a spray bottle for a quick, easy solution for tired feet.

Whether you try out a number of DIY lotions and potions or simply head off for a professional pedicure treatment, taking good care of your feet is essential.  And remember, no matter how much love you give your feet, a trip to a podiatrist is always the best option if you’re experiencing aches and pains.

By Judith Sullivan 12 Jun, 2017
By Reggie Simpson
By Judith Sullivan 09 Jun, 2017
By Reggie Simpson published in large part in the summer edition of Tring Living
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