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  • By Judith Sullivan
  • 30 Mar, 2017
21 Dec, 2015
Author/blogger Reggie Simpson

Why Are They Necessary?

The feet are two of the most frequently used and abused body parts. Just think about it – each of us is walking on a daily basis. Some people are running too. Unfortunately, many people neglect feet when they take care of their body and health in general. It is very important to keep your feet in the best condition. However, even if you have good hygiene, wear proper footwear and use all kinds of products suitable for your feet, it is always a good idea to take stock of your feet on an annual basis.

Women know that visiting a gynaecologist at least once a year is a must. All people should visit their dentist’s office every year too. If you think about it, you will notice that there are many other check-ups that we perform each year (such as a car MOT). We have accepted these as routine because we know how important these things are and how they can affect our lives in case something goes wrong.

But, we seem to somehow take our feet for granted. A vast majority of people never check the health of their feet, and this often drives them to see a podiatrist when it has already become rather too late. Having healthy feet is crucial for proper mobility and flexibility. Besides, if there is some condition that is not visible and you leave it untreated, you can experience more difficulties over time. Regular foot health checks are also a good way to prevent possible problems. Feet health check-ups are necessary for people who are already suffering from certain chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy and other diseases and disorders that can directly or indirectly affect your feet. Experts encourage patients to have annual checks although it is also a good idea to have more frequent checks.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that healthy people or people who are suffering from other health problems should ignore these health checks. For instance, many children who are experiencing certain problems with their feet should have feet health checks as this can lead to some serious issues in the future.

So, what does exactly a foot health check include?

An annual foot health check include several elements; it focuses on vascular health regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with a particular disease such as diabetes, and determines whether there is generally good blood flow in your feet. Also, it tests the muscle strength in the feet, the range o... to Improve the range of 

motion, the skin condition, the bio-mechanical efficacy of your feet and general neurology. In addition, this check-up will confirm whether you are walking and standing in the right way.

If you're facing any issues with your feet health or want to complete a checkup, we can help!  See Foot Health Checks on this same website for further information.

By Judith Sullivan 12 Jun, 2017
By Reggie Simpson
By Judith Sullivan 09 Jun, 2017
By Reggie Simpson published in large part in the summer edition of Tring Living
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